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What is Gloucestershire Welcomes Breastfeeding?

Gloucestershire Welcomes Breastfeeding is a joint initiative between Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucestershire Breastfeeding Supporters’ Network (GBSN).  It aims to make it easier for mums to recognise places where they can breastfeed their babies confidently and comfortably when they’re out and about in the community.

Why do breastfeeding mums need support?

Latest NHS figures show that more than three-quarters of all new mothers in Gloucestershire decide to breastfeed their baby. However, many women who start breastfeeding quickly stop and fewer than half are breastfeeding their baby 8 weeks after the birth.  Many of these women are disappointed when they stop as they would have preferred to continue for longer.

Often mothers stop breastfeeding because they feel there is a lack of support, particularly when they want to feed their baby outside the home.  We know from talking to local mothers that many do not feel confident venturing out with their newborn baby when they don’t know of any places that will welcome them.

Why should my business get involved?

Joining the scheme is totally free. All businesses know how invaluable it is to have satisfied customers and positive word-of-mouth. Mothers who feel welcome will visit again and will also tell their friends and family about your business. By joining the scheme you can boost your business and benefit your local community at the same time.

Breastfeeding mothers are often on maternity leave and are looking for welcoming places to spend their time and their money.

All participating businesses will be listed on the Gloucestershire Welcomes Breastfeeding website and promoted on our Facebook pages. A leaflet containing details of the scheme including a link to the website will be given to all pregnant mothers in the county through their community midwife. The scheme is also promoted through local Children’s Centres, libraries, parent support organisations, local events and through local media.

How can my business join the scheme?

We know that there are already many local businesses who go out of their way to provide a clean, comfortable, welcoming place for mothers to visit with their babies. Chances are that yours is one of these businesses and you need change nothing about the way your business runs.

Do you -

  • offer an environment where breastfeeding mothers are welcome in all areas that are open to the general public?
  • have a team willing to support local women’s infant feeding choices?
  • And are you willing to let members of the public know about the scheme by displaying one of our window stickers?

If so, we’d love to have you on board. The signup form is right here online and literally takes 2 minutes to complete, then we’ll send you a sticker and add you to our website. It’s that simple.

Equally, if you would like to join the scheme but are not quite sure if you’re eligible then we’d be very happy to talk to you about it. Please send an email to and we will get back to you very soon.

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